From the recording Nyamavhuvhu Night Sounds

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Before You Wake

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The seventh Track in Vee Mukarati's Nyamavhuvhu Night Sounds concept album.
As the cracks in the relationship between our two characters begin to show and become bigger, one of them tries to hold on to what seems to be a doomed situation.


Good morning my love
You look beautiful
Your hair is a mess and you must be sleeping still
But before you wake I thought I'd open my heart
As the sun rays blaze there's things I can't say to your face
Like you drive me up the wall sometimes with things you say that cut me to the core
But I think there's something wrong
Somehow your stubbornness just makes me want you more

Tell me I'm not being crazy
You're driving me nuts but I keep wanting more
Maybe you're just amazing
Or I'm just a freak who likes it when you're cold to me

Are you listening
Are you awake
Are you sleeping
Because I like you anyway
Can you me hear me
Are you awake
Am I dreaming
Because I like you anyway