1. You Remind Me

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You Remind Me

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The second track in Vee Mukarat's Nyamavhuvhu Night Sounds concept album.
It's winter time and one of the two characters in this story has started developing feelings for the other and they realise it when they think of the other's eyes.


Sometimes it gets so dark
That I forget
That there's a sun out there
Somewhere out there
And sometimes when the storm clouds gather
I lose myself in misery
Somewhere out there

But then the thought of your eyes
So blue reminds me that
There's a sky over yonder
And the thought of your smile
Your lips do tell me
It get's better after a while

Oh you remind me
That there's a place
That's always warm
Oh you remind me
That there's a place
Where the sun always shines
In your eyes
in your eyes
In your eyes
In your eyes