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Vee Mukarati

Vee Mukarati


Vee Mukarati is a Zimbabwean singer, saxophonist, composer and podcast host based in Geneva, Switzerland.

His music is a fusion of lyrical soul,jazz and grooves inspired by growing up in Zimbabwe's complex socio-political atmosphere, music studies and traveling the world. He writes and sings compelling songs in multiple languages and time signatures. 

In August 2017 his solo album "Nyamavhuvhu Night Sounds" was internationally released under the independent record label, Primrose Records, founded by Mukarati. Following it's release it was awarded a Zimbabwe National Arts Merit Award (NAMA) for the music video to the song 'Over Again' directed by Vee  Mukarati and produced in collaboration with renowned Artist Helen Teede. In 2018 he released two singles, "Booty Call" and an impassioned rendition of The Beatles classic "Blackbird". He is currently recording his next album.

Vee is a graduate of the Berklee Track Music program and has a degree in Jazz and contemporary music. An avid collaborator he has worked with artists and DJs in studios and on stages across Southern Africa and Europe. The likes of whom include Gemma Griffiths, Mokoomba, Hope Masike, Jacaranda Muse, Sivan Arbel, Namvula, Jamaram ,Baron Retif and Conception Perez , Anita Zengeza, The Mackay.z, Jason le Roux, Bryan Kadengu, Giovani Agostini, Prayersoul, Tariro Ne Gitare, Fungai Nengare, the late great Oliver Mtukudzi and his son Sam Mtukudzi.



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